Listing Country, Region and placing on Map

Type 1 Country and Region ( Global)

So while development u will come up with the scenario of placing or showing aggregated data with respect to provided countries  like eg at Asia, Africa, US level so how to do that

Firstly u should be having the list of Countries and Region data available with you

Currently, I have extracted the attached data from the internet.

Country region data

Now either u can use this in lookup excel and create one more column or use the data as in tableau.





To download the Latitude and longitude of any part of world

Type 2 India State and Capital 

we have collected data from wikipedia as we want to have the latest records


Now how to make it usable in Tableau

step 1 – Update the excel data in tableau

Step 2 – Convert the data type and geographical Role accordingly Like State to State and City to City

Now still a situation will come when u won’t see any latitude and longitude, so we need to perform one important step:-

Open one blank sheet and drag drop you state Below will be the situation

Now you need to perform the below step, to map the country to INDIA so that it can apply the latitude and longitude accordingly

For Unknow, there are two ways either u can select from drop-down list available and map it

else provide the coordinates

















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